Collaborate with In-Meeting Analytics

Unlock better meetings with Read Dashboard

Designed to Improve, not Distract

Metrics and notifications are designed for you to be present, comfortable, and focused in all meetings.

Get Shared Visibility

Metrics that scientifically quantify how the meeting is going, shared with all attendees to encourage real-time collaboration.

Transparent and Accessible

Measurement is announced and made available to all attendees for free creating a shared view of the meeting

Read Dashboard for Zoom Meetings

Read Dashboard is available free for Zoom meetings by adding to your next meeting.

Avoid the common pitfalls of video conferencing

Interpreting Meeting Performance

Read answers the question "how is the meeting going?"(or "how did it go?") with Active Read.

Limited Visibility

53% of meetings have 7+ attendees. Read provides insights on how they are going, beyond the physical limitation of the screen and your line of sight.

"Read the Room"

Bring robust emotional intelligence into your meetings. Read validates intuition and eliminates second guessing on call quality with analytics

A video conferencing call is shown in presentation mode where many people are out of view.

Read Dashboard brings measurement to meetings

A screenshot of the Active Read chart during a meeting.

Active Read

A single metric that gives you insight into how the call is going. Active Read is a combination of sentiment and engagement.

A screenshot of the sentiment metric during a meeting, with bars that denote positive, negative, and neutral sentiment..


Measuring positive and negative reactions from participants. Sentiment is derived from both the video and audio features of the meeting.

A screenshot of the engagement metric during a meeting, with bars that denote high, low, and neutral sentiment..


Is the discussion interesting to attendees, or falling a bit flat? Engagement is a measure of how attentive participants are in the meeting. It is sourced from visual and audio features of the meeting.

A screenshot of the talk time metric that shows the meeting participants with the three highest and lowest talk times.

Talk Time

Capture when the conversation becomes too one-sided. Talk time measures the amount that each meeting attendee is speaking as a percentage of time.

Read delivers better interactions across the board

Two people on a video conferencing call.

Quantify your improvements over time for more effective interactions.

Six people on a video conferencing call.

Shared metrics enable real-time collaboration for improved meetings.

Twenty people on a video conferencing call.

Your Chief Meeting Officer, driving better meetings across the organization.