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Read Introduces the Next Generation of Transcription with Reactions

June 27, 2022

Transcripts represent the definitive record of a video conference, yet are rarely read by meeting participants.  With 31% of meetings starting late, and 56% of meetings going over, people just don’t have time to read through an average of 15 pages of transcript containing over 3,900 words per meeting. Read’s introduction of transcriptions with reactions makes it simple to find the moments that matter across the pages of text.  

“(Re)actions speak louder than words with Transcription 2.0,” said David Shim, Co-Founder and CEO of Read. “Similar to illustrations in a book, Read’s augmented text brings words to life. By understanding what statements drove positive or negative sentiment and engagement for listeners, a reader is able to identify those moments that matter in the transcript.”

Demo: Transcription 2.0 by Read

Read introduces the next generation of speech to text with Transcription 2.0, which augments traditional transcripts by highlighting moments based on engagement (high, low) and sentiment (positive, negative). Leveraging NVIDIA Riva, a GPU-accelerated software development kit for building speech AI applications, Transcription 2.0 is available as a free service in Read’s Chief Meeting Officer and is supported on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and coming soon on Webex.

How to Leverage Transcription 2.0:

Meeting Notes:  Read takes notes and identifies the impactful moments that drive high engagement or sentiment across meeting participants.
Executive Assistant:
 Double booked?  Have Read Executive Assistant join the video conference, create a transcript, and highlight text based on sentiment and engagement.
:  Improve interactions in 1:1s, standups, or company meetings by understanding points in a conversation that drive high engagement, or low sentiment.
  Understand the features that matter the most to the client based on engagement, and gauge reaction to pricing with the sentiment. Take learnings over time to build the perfect sales pitch. 
 Interviews can be fast-paced with questions and answers; transcription gives you the ability to revisit the conversation and understand what matters most to the candidate. 
 Be an active participant in the lecture, and review notes after class based on class engagement and sentiment. 
  Curate a more compelling lecture by understanding where students lean in versus check out during a class. 
Revisit presentations to understand the moments where the audience reacted negatively or lost interest, and revise the content to drive better results.

“On a weekly basis, the average person’s meetings can produce over 670 pages of transcription. This comes out to 1-2 books every single week,” said Rob Williams, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Read. “By introducing the next generation of transcription with reactions, we’re converting novels into moments and making it available for free to all users of Read’s Chief Meeting Officer.”

“By powering their transcription applications using NVIDIA Riva technology, Read has created a world-class, highly customized transcription application that easily scales to improve meetings for the hundreds of millions of people who use video conferencing daily,” said Erik Pounds, Director of Product Marketing at NVIDIA.

Read’s approach to measurement is built with privacy at its foundation with clear notification, easy opt-out, and automated deletion of audio and video data. Users will have the option to enable Transcription 2.0 in Read’s Chief Meeting Officer. When enabled, meeting participants will be notified that a transcript will be generated and will have the option to opt out.

New users simply need to create an account at Read, connect their calendar, and enable transcription during the onboarding process. Existing users of Chief Meeting Officer can enable transcription in settings.

The addition of Transcription 2.0 in Chief Meeting Officer comes as part of Read's mission to eliminate 20% of time spent in meetings through the measurement of engagement and sentiment within virtual meetings.

About Read

Read enables better meetings through measurement through a team of products as part of the Chief Meeting Officer Suite. The team of products that make up the Chief Meeting Officer Suite includes Read Meeting Manager, Executive Assistant, and Meeting Navigator, which are designed to deliver insights in and across meetings.  

Read's mission is to make every human interaction meaningfully better, smarter, and happier starting with the more than 500 million people worldwide using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex every day.

Founded by David Shim, Elliott Waldron, and Rob Williams in 2021, Read is headquartered in Seattle, WA. Learn more at, follow us on Twitter @read_cmo, or email us at   

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