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Read Dashboard provides a real-time read on the conversation based on sentiment and engagement to drive a more productive and inclusive conversation.

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Read Dashboard for Zoom and Webex - Better Meetings, Today | How is the Meeting Really Going? | Product Hunt

Read Dashboard enables you to

Read the Room

Gauge the temperature of the room beyond those on the screen.

Hear Every Voice

Monitor Talk Time to insure a balanced and inclusive conversation.

Improve Focus

Measure engagement to keep audience attention high.

Lighten the Mood

Respond to sentiment to direct a more positive meeting in real-time.

Boost Confidence

Confirm your intuition with metrics to increase confidence in the moment.

Optimize Meetings

Improve meetings over time and optimize frequency and attendees.

Read Dashboard is your Chief Meeting Officer

Screenshot of the sentiment and engagement charts measuring the meeting in real-time. Emojis are overlayed at various points on the charts.

Improve Collective Engagement

Read directs better engagement and sentiment through shared metrics in-the-moment.

Screenshot of the Active Read chart measuring a meeting in real-time. Emojis are overlaid to emphasize low and high points in the meeting.

Feedback 2.0

Read answers the question "how is the meeting going?" with real-time Active Read.


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