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Super-power your ability to read the room

Enhance your ability to read the room and make informed decisions during meetings with Read Meeting Tools & Metrics (formerly known as Read Meeting Navigator). Our technology notifies you of pivotal moments, measures sentiment and engagement, and helps you take action in real-time.

Real-time audience feedback

Feedback is key to a great meeting, but is limited and cumbersome in a hybrid world. Read measures the verbal and non-verbal cues and translates that into real-time and post-meeting sentiment and engagement metrics.

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Enter Immersive View

Introducing augmented reality (AR) applied to your meeting. See Engagement and Talk Time metrics next in each meeting participant’s window when you host and enable Immersive View in the app.

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Identify opportunities early in the conversation

Read Meeting Tools & Metrics provides you with real-time nudges when the conversation is going well, giving you confidence that your meeting or presentation is resonating with the audience.

Platform Integration

Get the Read app on your favorite video conferencing platforms

Read Meeting Tools & Metrics is available as either a web app (all platforms) or an embedded app in Zoom, Webex, and Teams. Choose your preferred platform to get started with the app.

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