Zoom selects Read as an Essential App, Premium Features Enabled for Zoom Customers.


Enhance Zoom meetings with metrics

Have better meetings with real-time metrics and alerts on Zoom

A Webex meeting emphasizing the Read Dashboard App being opened through the Apps tab.
Meeting Tools and Metrics

Read the virtual room

Read the room with automated meeting tools to help you steer your Zoom meetings in a clearer direction.

Real-time metrics with Read Meeting Tools & Metrics

Joins your Zoom meeting and displays a meeting timer, Talk Time, alerts, and metrics like Engagement, and Sentiment — all in real-time.

Enter Immersive View

Introducing augmented reality (AR) applied to your meeting. See Engagement and Talk Time metrics next in each meeting participant’s window when you host and enable Immersive View in the app.

Post-call analytics with Meeting Reports

Receive a detailed meeting report with transcription that incorporates participant reactions.

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Recording Notification

Advanced Metrics

To enable Enhanced Metrics on Zoom, Read utilizes the record notification to inform all meeting participants.  Read automatically deletes audio and video after the meeting.

Using the record notification, we are able to provide Meeting Score, Sentiment, and Transcription to your Meeting Reports.

Your all-in-one meeting tool

Read is featured as part of Zoom curated Essential Apps to help grow and manage your business with apps that take meeting notes, engage your team with interactive activities, and deliver insights to improve customer conversation. Terms apply.

Real-time meeting metrics (10 meetings per month)

Transcripts and Meeting Summary (10 meetings per month)

Workspace access (up to 10 members)

Participant-level insights

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Fewer, Better Meetings


Automated meeting recommendations designed to improve over 23 hours of meetings a month. Activate with a single click.

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Calendar Integration

Smart Scheduling

Using learnings from past meetings, Read provides recommendations as you schedule meetings, directly in Google Calendar.

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