Zoom selects Read as an Essential App, Premium Features Enabled for Zoom Customers.

Keep your meetings on track with shared metrics

Read Assistant joins your meetings as a participant giving all attendees a view of talk time, meeting timer and score.

Meeting Timer

A subtle reminder to participants that the call is on schedule and the time left in the meeting.

Talk Time

In-meeting Talk Time encourages more balanced and inclusive conversations.

Engagement Meter

Using verbal and visual cues, Read displays engagement to encourage a more productive and collaborative meeting.

Privacy First

With clear notification, opt-out, shared metrics, and automatic data deletion, privacy is at the forefront of Read.

Email recap

Recaps, delivered automatically

Stay on top of your meetings with post-meeting email recaps. Read Assistant will send a quick report of each meeting directly to your inbox, complete with a summary, topics, action items, and key questions. The report also shows the most impactful statement, a overview of metrics, and top talkers.

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Read Integrations

Integrate Read with Slack, Zapier, webhooks, and more to automatically send meeting recaps to your favorite platforms.


Automatic topic discovery

Keep a pulse on productivity with the For You page. Get immediate context on common themes across your meetings, tags, and Workspace.

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