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Read is Built Around Privacy & Transparency

With each interaction, Read notifies participants the meeting is measured, provides clear opt-out, and automatically deletes audio and video after the call.

A Webex meeting emphasizing the Read Dashboard App being opened through the Apps tab.

With Read, you’re in control

By building Read with  privacy, transparency, and user control at our core, it encourages more authentic conversations.

🔔 Clear Notification

Read Dashboard announces it is measuring a call at the start of every meeting.

🚫 Easy Opt-Out

Any meeting participant can remove Read Dashboard by typing “opt-out” in chat. All data measured is deleted.

🤝 Open dashboard

Read Dashboard provides all attendees with live metrics to drive a better and more collaborative meeting experience.

🔒 Encrypted, No Playback

Every meeting Read measures is encrypted, and Read does not provide call playback options.

Take control of your meetings today.

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