Read Starts With Privacy and Transparency

Meeting Audio and Video Data (raw) Deleted within 24 hours.

The best meetings start with transparency

Measurement at Read includes notification, clear opt-out, and open access to a shared dashboard for all meeting participants.
A chat notification from Read Dashboard explains that someone on the call is using Read and explains that you can type "opt out" at any time.

Clear Notification

Read Dashboard announces it is measuring a call at the start of every meeting.

The user types "opt out" into chat and Read Dashboard leaves the meeting.

Easy Opt-Out

Any meeting participant can remove Read Dashboard by typing “opt-out” in chat. All data measured is deleted.

The Read Dashboard app is being shared with people in the video conference.

Open Dashboard

Read Dashboard provides all attendees with live metrics to drive a better and more collaborative meeting experience.

A video conference with Read Dashboard in use is shown with a lock icon overlayed.

Encrypted, No Playback

Every meeting Read measures is encrypted, and Read does not provide call playback options.

Shared metrics, shared goals

When real-time measurement is made available to all participants, it standardizes success metrics and aligns the team on a common goal of more productive interactions.

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