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Read for Slack

Instant meeting summaries shared in Slack

Integration for Slack

Introducing Read for Slack

Share automated meeting summaries with colleagues with the Read integration for Slack. Avoid the back and forth associated with the question, "how'd the meeting go," by simply sharing the Read Meeting Summary.

Get robust recaps in Slack

After every meeting, use Slack to distribute a Meeting Report that includes a summary, action items, key questions, and list of topics discussed.

Interested in learning more? click through the meeting report to review the transcript and playback video.

Meeting recaps that work with your workflow

Add Read, have fewer meetings about meetings, and get more work done. Automatic Read Meeting Recaps in Slack enables you to communicate meeting details faster and more effectively than an email or follow-up meeting.


Read integrations have arrived.

Slack is just the start. Connect Zapier, Make, and more for meeting insights integrated into your workflow.

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Work smarter, not harder

Get meeting recaps with notes and more, directly in Slack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Slack to my Read account?
I connected Slack, but the Read app is not populating in the Slack Workspace.


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