Zoom selects Read as an Essential App, Premium Features Enabled for Zoom Customers.

Read AI + Slack Integration

Summarize threads and channels across Slack using read.ai and automate the sharing of meeting recaps.

Read + Slack

Slack messages 🤝 meet Read summaries

Unlock the power of Productivity AI with seamless, direct integration.

Get Robust recaps in Slack

No need to navigate to a different platform. Once a meeting ends, Read will automatically send you a meeting recap in Slack with a summary, action items, key questions, and more.

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Summaries from Slack

Avoid Slack message overload with messaging summaries. Read generates topic reports across Slack messages and channels to provide a clear overview of key discussions and topics in Slack and at read.ai.

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Share meeting notes to Slack

Eliminate the question, “how did that meeting go?”. Keep everyone in the loop by sharing meeting recaps with your team in Slack, directly from the report in Read.

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Read works with your workflow

Slack is just the start. Connect Gmail, Outlook, Teams, Zapier, and more for meeting summaries and Productivity AI wherever you work.


Read Everywhere

Over 50% of users have meetings across multiple video conferencing solutions. Read is the single AI solution for meetings and summaries across Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. By measuring all platforms, Read delivers the most comprehensive set of insights across meetings.

Work smarter, not harder

Get meeting recaps with notes and more, directly in Slack.

Getting Started with Slack

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I connected Slack, but the Read app is not populating in the Slack Workspace.


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