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Meeting Reports

Automatic meeting notes

Meetings should be a catalyst for progress, not a drain on productivity. Read takes the hassle out of meeting recaps by automating the entire process. Say hello to Read, and wave goodbye to the days of tedious note-taking.
Meeting Summary

Receive a concise summary of your meeting's key points, decisions, and takeaways.

Chapters & Topics

Navigate through the meeting's structure, jumping to specific sections with ease.

Action Items

Automatically generate a list of action items, ensuring accountability and follow-through.

Transcription 2.0

Get a complete transcription of your meeting, along with real-time participant reactions and sentiments.

Playback & Highlights*

Rewatch the meeting with playback, or opt for a 2-minute highlight reel of key discussion points.

Deep Dive

Get deeper insights with participant-level metrics such as talk time, bias, and charisma.


Customized coaching metrics and recommendations to make you a better speaker in less time.


Read automatically suggests optimizations to improve engagement in meetings.

For You

Using generative AI, Read isolates and reports on key topics across your meetings, teams, and more.

*Requires a Read Enterprise plan

For You Page

Track topics and action items over time

Read’s "For You" page is your personal command center for monitoring your meeting's progression. Watch your topics evolve and see how discussions unfold over time. It's like having your meeting history at your fingertips.

  • Personalized 14-day summary
  • Topics trending across your meetings
  • Recent action items and key questions
For You Page features
Optimization Reports

Boost meeting productivity with insights

  • Recommendations: automatically identifies areas to make your meetings more efficient and effective
  • Meeting Policy: analyzes meeting data to determine your optimal meeting schedule based on engagement, meeting size, on-time rate, and more
  • Collaboration: Insights into how you and your team interact during meetings, and who you meet with the most
Speaker Coach

Become a better speaker in no time

Read Speaker Coach provides actionable insights and suggest areas for improvement to help you become a more effective and influential communicator.

  • Improve clarity
  • Promote inclusivity
  • Strengthen impact
Learn more about Speaker Coach

Audio and Video Upload

Generate reports from your own recordings

Forgot to record with Read? No problem. Now you can upload audio and video recordings, and Read will work its magic to generate a detailed meeting report with a summary, transcription, action items, key questions, and more.

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Read Integrations

Integrate Read with Slack, Zapier, webhooks, and more to automatically send meeting recaps to your favorite platforms.


Automatic topic discovery

Keep a pulse on productivity with the For You page. Get immediate context on common themes across your meetings, tags, and Workspace.

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