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How it works

Meeting reports, but better

Traditional transcription focuses solely on dialogue, neglecting audience reactions. Read's Transcription 2.0 incorporates advanced features like audience responses and AI-generated summaries for an enhanced transcription experience.

AI-generated meeting summary

Post-meeting, Read uses the transcript to automatically generate a Meeting Summary, list of Topics, Action Items, and Key Questions.

Access the summary and more in your Meeting Report, or have it sent directly to your inbox when the meeting ends.

Audience reactions & significant statements

Read takes notes and identifies the moments that drive high engagement or sentiment across meeting participants.

Based on aggregate audience reactions, Read identifies pivotal moments in the meeting and marks them as impactful. Easily jump to any impactful statement in the transcript to see it in context.

Playback your meetings

Highlights are generated from the transcript to help you navigate to the moments that mattered. Easily play back* points with significant participant reactions, topics, and more.

*Requires a Read Enterprise account. Try a 7-day free trial.

Automatic topic discovery, just For You

Using generative AI, Read creates a customized summary of your past 14 days and isolates key topics based on your engagement. With each topic, Read generates clips with video and transcript excerpts, action items, and key questions for an easy-to-access update.

Read Assistant

Double-booked? Send Read instead.

If you’re double-booked, or simply can’t make it to a meeting, Read Assistant can join in your place. It will generate a transcript, highlight key text based on Sentiment and Engagement, and send a meeting summary with topics straight to your inbox.

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