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Automatically optimize your meetings for fewer attendees, higher engagement, and better outcomes.

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Get back 23 hours a month

Read Recommendations identify 23 hours a month that can be reclaimed and returned to you and those in your meetings.
1 in 3 meeting participants are unneccessary

For recurring meetings, Recommendations alert you when guests have low participation rates and gives you the option to remove them from the meeting.

Up to 40% of participants are disengaged

Recommendations help you identify ways to improvement meeting engagement, including inviting participants as optional.


Become the host with the most

By understanding participation in meetings, Read recommends actions to either make the meeting better or return time back to participants.

Make a meeting participant optional or remove

Change the time and length of a meeting

Review a meeting series for deletion


The science of better meetings

Read aggregates engagement, sentiment, participation, and more across meetings to find opportunities for improvement. The result is data-driven recommendations for you and your meeting participants.

Participant-level recommendations

Key factors display the reason for the recommendation

Actions applied directly in your calendar

Calendar Integration

Recommendations +
Google Calendar

In addition to reviewing recommendations in Read Dashboard, you can also access them right in your Google Calendar! Try the new Read Smart Scheduler extension for Chrome.

Case studies

Recommendations provide unbiased feedback for you and your organization to increase meeting wellness in a programmatic fashion.
Meeting fatigue

Annual employee survey highlighted meeting fatigue as the #1 issue in the organization. Prior attempts to solve the problem were “old school” and temporary.

Metrics show larger the meeting, lower the engagement

Applied recommendations to save 8 hours per employee in the first 30 days

Average number of meeting attendees decreased from 9 to 7

Late starts, low engagement

With over 30% of meetings starting late and 50% going over schedule, this organization had accidentally built a culture of tardiness.

Metrics identified timeliness as negatively impacting engagement

Hosts were starting meetings late by an average of 2 minutes

Metrics and recommendations increased accountability improving on-time rates by 13%

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When will I see my first recommendation?


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