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Automatically contextualize 1,000s of meetings

Read For You surfaces themes across your meetings, your tags, your teams, and your Workspace. For a quick recap, it automatically generates a high-level summary of the topics that are relevant to the selected timeframe.

Topic View

Topics broken out by the moments that matter

Expand any topic to get a deep dive including a topic summary. Play back the audio and video that contributed to the topic to provide additional context. Play all clips to get your personalized video summary.

What You Missed

Missed a meeting? No problem.

Read helps you catch up on missed meetings by surfacing topics that you’re highly engaged in, and eliminating the question of, “what did I miss?”. Whether you’re out of office or double-booked, Read can help bring you up to speed in no time.


Get proposed answers to key questions

You might not have the right answer, but your team does. Read automates discovery by analyzing thousands of meetings, identifying common questions on various topics, and providing answers from both past and future meetings based on popularity and participant reactions.

Read Project Manager

Automatically updated action items

Move beyond simple to-do lists. Read automates the tracking of action items based on your meetings and the meetings your team shares with you, creating the most up-to-date status on action items.

Daily Read

Catch up on your daily commute

The Daily Read offers a concise overview of the past 24 hours and prepares you for upcoming meetings - ideal for morning commutes.

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