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Summarize your Inbox

Automated summaries, Q&A and action items generated from your Gmail and Outlook inbox with Read's Productivity AI.

Productivity AI

Summarize Multiple Emails

Read AI automatically generates topic summaries across all of your emails, giving you the ability to grasp the essential points without wading through and searching what seems like an endless list of messages and results.

Learning Across Interactions

Automate Answers

Tired of digging through your inbox for crucial information? Productivity AI for Email automatically identifies key questions associated with your topics, and then uses those same emails to generate accurate answers.  

Summarization Across Threads

Real-Time Action Items

Email overload is real. Read dynamically updates your to-do list across multiple email threads in real-time, helping you avoid a missed deliverable, deadline, or action item.

Source Data

Topic Citations

Instantly amplify your understanding of any topic with source citations right at your fingertips. The source panel allows you to pinpoint the origin of action items, key questions, and more, providing valuable context. With just a click, jump to the email where it all began.


Gmail and Outlook Integration

Don’t change the way you work with Read AI. Productivity AI seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, and delivers you insights in your inbox or in your Read Dashboard, wherever you work best.  

How it Works

Getting started with topic summaries for email is as easy as enabling an integration - the rest is magic!


In your integrations, connect Read to Gmail or Outlook


Read will analyze your inbox for common topics and themes


You'll be notified when Read generates a new email summary!

Productivity AI

Automate your workflow

Experience a new era of productivity with Read

Save time

Spend less time navigating through lengthy emails and more time focusing on meaningful tasks.

Improve Accountability

Turn your emails into a catalyst for tangible results by automatically generating action items across topics.

Increase Productivity

Maximize productivity by leveraging AI-driven insights that help you prioritize tasks and make informed decisions.


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