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Summaries for Slack and Teams

Automated summaries, Q&A and action items generated from your Slack and Microsoft Teams threads and channels with Read's Productivity AI.

Productivity AI

AI-Generated Summaries

Productivity AI analyzes your messages in Slack and Teams and distills them into concise summaries, allowing you to quickly grasp the essential points in a few seconds, without having to expand threads or search across channels.

Learning Across Interactions

Questions and Answers

Empower your team with instant access to crucial information. Read automatically identifies key questions and provides accurate answers pulled from multiple conversations, automating collaboration and allowing decisions to be made swiftly.

Summarization Across Threads and Channels

Real-Time Action Items

Conversations on a single topic can occur across multiple channels, threads, and direct messages. Productivity AI provides a single location for all your actions items –updated in real-time – providing a clear path for you to follow as conversations evolve.

Source Data

Citations for Your Topics

Instantly amplify your understanding of any topic with source citations right at your fingertips. The source panel allows you to pinpoint the origin of action items, key questions, and more, providing valuable context. With just a click, jump to the Slack or Teams message where it all began.

Meeting Reports

Share Meeting Recaps Directly

Messaging and meetings go hand in hand. Simplify collaboration by sharing meeting recaps directly in Teams and Slack. Keep everyone in the loop and foster a culture of knowledge sharing with Read AI.

How it Works

Getting started with topic summaries for messaging is as easy as enabling an integration – the rest is magic!


In your integrations, connect Read to Slack or Microsoft Teams


In your connected integration, enable Summaries

Get Summaries

Read will deliver topic summaries as they're detected

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