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Become a better communicator in less time

You don’t have time to practice your speech, and your manager doesn’t have time to coach you.

Read Speaker Coach eliminates the requirement of practice and manager coaching by using your existing meetings to provide customized coaching metrics and recommendations to make you a better speaker without any time commitment.

Feedback across clarity, inclusion, and impact

To improve communication, it’s important to measure where you are strong, and where you are weak.

Read’s Speaker Metrics establishes baselines around Clarity, Inclusion, and Impact using past meeting data. By identifying areas of improvement, you can proactively make changes in your next meeting and compare results.

Coaching with metrics and moments

Read AI’s Speaker Coach is designed around the methodology of see and say.

First you “see” the metrics and the ideal ranges you should reach to become a better speaker. The “say” is the ability to select the areas of improvement and playback those moments to contextualize the feedback.

This approach makes coaching more impactful with metrics and moments.

Coaching trends

Improve your communication across meetings

Read makes it easy to be a better communicator by identifying trends across your existing meetings.  No practice required, as the AI tailor metrics and trends to make you a more effective and efficient speaker.

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