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Automatic meeting summaries

Transcription augmented with reactions

Video playback with AI highlights

A screen capture of Read Highlights, with the meeting video shown and "Watch highlights" selectedA screenshot of a Read meeting recap with a meeting summary, topics, action items, and key questions.An example of Read's Speaker Coach feature shows a person speaking with a very fast talking speed.An example of Read's For You page shows a topic aggregated from 5 meetings, plus video clips, action items, and key questions for the topic.
Example of Read's For You page shows a summary for the last 7 days, along with a topic aggregated from 3 meetings during the week.

For You


Summary and topic discovery across your meetings

By incorporating your engagement in meetings, Read accurately identifies the topics that matters most to you, and automatically summarizes those topics into a feed on your For You Page.

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How it works

No more "who wants to take notes?"

Connect your calendar
Once you've linked your calendar, you can choose which meetings Read should automatically join.
Read joins meetings
Read joins the meeting as a participant and takes notes.
Read sends you a recap
Read sends you a meeting recap with summary, transcript, playback, and more.
Share the report
Share the recap with others via email, calendar, or by simply copying the link.
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Core Features

Why choose Read?

Unbiased Programmatic Feedback

Read isn't just one person's opinion – it's a smart, automated tool that uses data from millions of interactions to provide insight. And it doesn't just look at what people say – it also takes into account visual cues to get a complete picture.

Clear and Concise Action Items

Analytics without actionability is useless. Read’s AI learns from past meetings to make turn-by-turn recommendations to improve existing meetings and setup future meetings for success.

Single Platform Meetings and Interactions

Read works with your preferred video conferencing and calendar solutions. By integrating into your existing workflows, Read provides a single source of truth that learns from all your touchpoints.

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