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Read's Chief Meeting Officer Dashboard

By measuring your meetings, Read's CMO helps you have fewer meetings, less attendees, and better outcomes.

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See how your meetings measure up

Get a customized monthly report from your Read Chief Meeting Officer that you can share across Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, and more.
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Read Chief Meeting Officer

Measurement equals improvement

Read's CMO Dashboard compiles monthly meeting trends for you, so you can spend less time analyzing and more time improving.
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Discover your CMO Suite

Read's Executive Assistant being used in a meeting to show meeting score, time remaining, and talk time.

Executive Assistant

Responsible for making sure your meetings start and end on time, and that the conversations are well-balanced.

Read's Meeting Navigator being used in a meeting to show real-time metrics and alerts.

Meeting Navigator

Your team member who nudges you to move onto the next topic and sends you a message that the audience looks disinterested.

Chief Meeting Officer

Read‘s Chief Meeting Officer reports into you, and comes with a team responsible for making your meetings better.

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