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Get a detailed Meeting Report after each call

Get a comprehensive understanding of your meetings with Read Meeting Reports. Understand what happened, what was the reaction, and how it could have been improved in the meeting. Each Meeting Report includes:

Meeting metrics

Transcription + audio and video playback*

Summary, topics, action items, and key questions



* Requires a Read Enterprise plan. Try a 14-day free trial.

Access automated summaries and more

Read automatically generates an AI driven summary of the meeting, topics discussion, key questions asked, and action items.

These insights are immediately delivered to you and your colleagues (optional) via email and accessible in Meeting Reports.

Forward the email summary to answer the question, “what happened in the meeting?” or “what are next steps?”

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Playback your meeting with video and transcription

Read’s innovative reporting incorporates audience reactions to words, audio, and video, providing insights on the moments that mattered the most.

With an average of 38 minutes and 15 pages of transcription per meeting, Read helps you visually identify, navigate, and investigate the data to make your meetings more effective.

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Understand how you meet with others

Better interactions start with awareness. Collaboration reports from Read provide a way to quantify the quality of your virtual meetings with co-workers and customers across time.

Interaction metrics and insights are automatically generated including meeting frequency and length, talk time balance, timeliness, sentiment and engagement, along with advance metrics like charisma and bias.

Calendar Integration

Measurement is just a click away

When you connect your calendar with Read, you get a birds-eye-view of upcoming meetings in the Dashboard Calendar. Plus, you have full control to add or remove Read from any meeting with a single click.

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