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Automatic meeting notes with AI

Have better Meet meetings with real-time metrics, automatic meeting notes, highlights, playback, and more.

A Google Meet meeting with the Read app being used to view real-time engagement and talk time.

Getting Started with Read for Google Meet

Using Read with Google Meet

You will first need a Read account.
Create a free Read account→Google Meet does not support apps, but you can still have your Read Assistant join your meetings. By adding Read to your meeting your Assistant will join your call, providing participant talk time metrics and a meeting timer. Additionally, you will have access to post meeting reports.

Creating a Read account and integrating your meeting calendar

Step 1. Sign up for your Read account here and enter the requested details to create your account
Step 2. Connect your calendar by selecting “Connect with Google”
Step 3. Choose the Google account you want to integrate your calendar with
Step 4. Select Continue
Step 5. Select the meeting types you would like Read to automatically join and then select continue. Depending on the meeting type you select Read will automatically come to your meeting. After the call you can go to your Meeting Manager for a complete post call report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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