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meeting manager

Better Meetings Over Time

Your Meeting Manager delivers personalized meeting analytics, collaboration insights, and coaching to improve your meetings.

A Webex meeting emphasizing the Read Dashboard App being opened through the Apps tab.
MeEting Trend Reports

Measurement equals improvement

Better meetings require better measurement. Read Meeting Manager provides aggregated insights to all your meetings and interactions in a simple set of reports. See how your scores stack up against all participants, and watch meeting performance change over time.

Transcripts with reactions

The average transcript is 15 pages long, and only provides one point of view, the speaker. Transcription 2.0 incorporates audience sentiment and reaction to the words being said.
Collaboration Reports

Understand how you meet with others

Reactions can be difficult to understand in a virtual setting. Read Meeting Manager reports on your interactions giving you visibility into metrics like charisma, bias, meeting frequency, and much more.
custom reports

Meeting analytics tailored to your needs

Read Custom Reporting allows you to take control of analytics. Use the report builder to gather metrics for your KPIs with custom dimensions, metrics, filters, and date parameters.

Discover your CMO Suite

Read's Executive Assistant being used in a meeting to show meeting score, time remaining, and talk time.

Executive Assistant

Responsible for making sure your meetings start and end on time, and that the conversations are well-balanced.

Read's Meeting Navigator being used in a meeting to show real-time metrics and alerts.

Meeting Navigator

Your team member who nudges you to move onto the next topic and sends you a message that the audience looks disinterested.

Chief Meeting Officer

Read‘s Chief Meeting Officer reports into you, and comes with a team responsible for making your meetings better.

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