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Everyone deserves a Chief Meeting Officer

Responsible for making sure every meeting on your calendar matters.

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Chief Meeting Officer

Meet your team for better meetings

Read’s Chief Meeting Officer reports to you with a team of products designed to make your meetings more effective, resulting in better, fewer meetings and returning time to your workday.    
Meeting Summary
Meeting Summary is your note taker that provides a transcript, summary, topics, action items, key questions, along with video playback after every meeting
Instant meeting playback and summary
Read Dashboard is your data analyst that reviews meetings and delivers personalized meeting analytics, collaboration insights, and recommendations to help you improve.
More about meeting analytics
Meeting Tools & Metrics
Read Meeting Tools & Metrics is a video conferencing app that helps you steer your meetings towards better outcomes in the moment by measuring engagement and sentiment in real-time.
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Recommendations is your meeting auditor. Based on performance, it will automatically optimize your meetings for fewer attendees, higher engagement, and better outcomes.
Get better, fewer meetings
Smart Scheduler
Smart Scheduler is your calendar optimizer. Schedule meetings with confidence, prevent bad meetings before they happen, and view meeting metrics - all without leaving your calendar.
Optimize your calendar
Read Assistant
Read Assistant makes sure your meetings are on time, conversations are balanced, and meeting metrics take center stage.
Get your own meeting assistant

Calendar Integration

Set it and forget it

When you connect your calendar, Read will automatically join the meetings you choose - one less thing to remember. Plus, you have full control to add or remove Read from any meeting with a single click.

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