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Supercharge your meeting productivity

Enhance meeting efficiency and streamline collaboration with Read’s AI-powered tools for meeting notes, metrics, coaching, and topic discovery.

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Read Assistant
Regain focus in meetings
Your Read Assistant automatically joins meetings, records, and generates notes so you don’t have to.
Recaps & Reports
AI-Powered meeting notes
Generate meeting notes including a summary, playback, transcript, and action items - automatically.
More about meeting analytics
Meeting tools & Metrics
Read the room in real-time
Use Read’s video conferencing app to measures sentiment, engagement, and talk-time as the meeting happens.
Explore the real-time app
Speaker coach
Improve across meetings
Get personalized reports around clarity, inclusion, and impact to improve your communication over time.
Get better, fewer meetings
Read Smart Scheduler
Scheduling made simple
Smart Scheduler provides a link that nudges others towards your available and most productive times.
Optimize your calendar
For You
360-view of your meetings
Surface topics across your meetings, your tags, your teams, and your Workspace.
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Transcripts & Summaries
Automatic transcription
Read’s transcripts and summaries are augmented to surface significant points of engagement and sentiment.
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Rewatch key moments
Audio and video playback gives you access to replay key moments including significant topics and reactions.
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Move faster with a team
Read Workspaces makes meeting collaboration across teams and organizations more efficient.
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Enhance your workflow
Automatically push meeting notes to your favorite platforms like Slack, Zapier, and more!
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Calendar Integration

Set it and forget it

When you connect your calendar, Read will automatically join the meetings you choose - one less thing to remember. Plus, you have full control to add or remove Read from any meeting with a single click.

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