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Revolutionize your scheduling

Welcome to the future of scheduling, where automation and AI join forces to make your life easier than ever before. Read Smart Scheduler eliminates the hassle of scheduling meetings by providing recommendations and tools to find the perfect meeting time effortlessly.

Intelligent automation for seamless scheduling

Read Smart Scheduler uses AI to analyze your calendar and nudges others to book in optimal meeting slots.‍

No more back-and-forth emails or frustrating scheduling conflicts. Simply send your Smart Scheduler link and watch your meetings seamlessly fall into place, freeing up your time for more important tasks.

  • Available for Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Takes into account high engagement times, punctuality, focus time, and availability
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Chrome and Edge extension for instant access

The power of Read's Smart Scheduler doesn't stop there. We've designed a Chrome extension that puts all your scheduling insights right at your fingertips.

Plus, you can use the extension to easily grab your Smart Scheduler link while filling out a form or drafting an email.

  • Recommendations and meeting reports with one click
  • Available for Chrome and Edge
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Seamless Google Calendar integration

You live and breathe through your Google Calendar, we get it. That's why Read's Smart Scheduler product seamlessly integrates with it to provide meeting insights in every calendar event.

You'll have the information you need to make every meeting count, all without leaving your calendar interface.

  • Easy to view engagement scores
  • Quick access to your meeting reports
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Flexible Meetings

Personalized focus time

By setting a meeting to be flexible, Read automatically optimizes your schedule for focus time, high engagement, availability, and timeliness.

  • Minimize calendar fragmentation
  • Focus time customized to you
  • 100% automated

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