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Read Smart Scheduler

Stop scheduling bad meetings

Meetings are bad, make them better with smart scheduling

A Webex meeting emphasizing the Read Dashboard App being opened through the Apps tab.

Smart Scheduling

Make your calendar smarter

Stop wasting time guessing the best time to schedule a meeting, Read automates finding the right time to meet based on actual meeting metrics for all participants.

Instantly pulls in everyone’s availability

Prioritizes high engagement times

Visualizes best and worst times in your calendar view

Seamless Integration

Enhance your Google Calendar

Add Read Smart Scheduler to Google Chrome to experience the smartest way to schedule meetings directly integrated into Google Calendar.

No learning curve with direct integration

Surfaces scores in your calendar

One click access to detailed reports


Simple and impactful actions

Auto-optimize your future meetings directly in Google Calendar. By measuring trends in meetings across time, Read can recommend changes to deliver better results.

Directly integrated into Google Calendar

Activate recommendations with one click

Automate away 23 meeting hours each month

Flexible Meetings

Personalized focus time

By setting a meeting to be flexible, Read automatically optimizes your schedule for focus time, high engagement, availability, and timeliness.

Minimize calendar fragmentation

Focus time customized to you

100% automated

Seamless Integration

Using Read Smart Scheduler with Google Calendar is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Add to Chrome

Install the Chrome Extension, create an account, and connect your Google Calendar.


Read Assistant joins your meetings as a participant and provides measurement.


Access your Meeting Reports, best times to meet, and recommendations — right in your Calendar!

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