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Meeting Navigator for Teams

Always know what's happening in your meetings with Read Meeting Navigator. In-meeting metrics and alerts drive you to a better meeting.

A Webex meeting emphasizing the Read Dashboard App being opened through the Apps tab.

Getting Started with Read for Teams

Using the Read with Teams Meetings

To access Read Dashboard, you will need a paid Teams or Microsoft 365 account and a free Read account. The Read Navigator App may be disabled by your organization. In this case, contact your organization's administrator to enable the App.

Create a free Read account →
Logging in and Authorizing the Read Navigator App (First Time User)

On the left side of Teams select Apps and search for the Read Navigator app. Select the app and then to add the app, select Add to a meeting.

When you first add Read Navigator you will be asked to “Set up Read Navigator in a meeting.” Search for your meeting and then select “Set up a tab.”

If the Read App hasn’t been approved you will get this message “Teams Admin hasn't approved permissions for Read yet. Ask your Teams Admin to approve our app via the following link: …” You will then need to provide that link to an Admin that is authorized to approve the Read App.

Once authorized you will get a message that says “Thanks for using. Looks like you're configured and ready to go. Click "Save" below to get started!” Just click Save and Read will join your meeting.

Logging in and Authorizing the Read Navigator App (Returning User)

As a returning user, you will need to add the Read Navigator app to each of your meetings by:
Step 1. Selecting “Apps” on the left side of Teams
Step 2. Selecting Read, and then “Add to a Meeting”
Step 3. Search for your meeting and then select “Set up a tab.”
Step 4. You will get a welcome message from Read, select “Save” to continue.

Data and privacy measures

Read prioritizes privacy and transparency.
Every meeting Read measures is encrypted, and Read does not provide call playback options.
Clear notification:
All meeting attendees are notified when Read Navigator joins a call, and have the option to view the dashboard as well.
Easy opt out:
The notification allows users to opt-out by typing "opt-out" in chat. When a participant chooses to opt-out, Read Navigator leaves the meeting and all data measured is deleted.
Learn more about privacy→

Read's Chief Meeting Officer dashboard view.

Meetings are better with a team

Read‘s Chief Meeting Officer (CMO) reports into you, and comes with a team responsible for making your meetings better.

Meet your CMO
Read's Executive Assistant being used in a meeting to show meeting score, time remaining, and talk time.

Read Assistant

Responsible for making sure your meetings start and end on time, and that the conversations are well-balanced.

Read's Meeting Navigator being used in a meeting to show real-time metrics and alerts.

Meeting Navigator

Your team member who nudges you to move onto the next topic and sends you a message that the audience looks disinterested.

Read's Meeting Manager showing aggregated metrics. An example of meeting score, missed meetings late start, average join time, camera off, charisma, and bias are shown.

Meeting Manager

Your data analyst who reviews metrics, makes recommendation resulting in less meetings, fewer attendees, better outcomes.

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