Read introduces the next generation of transcriptions with reactions, Transcription 2.0. Learn more.

Next-Gen Transcription with Reactions

Augment transcription with listener sentiment and engagement with Transcription 2.0 built into Read’s Chief Meeting Officer.

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A view of regular transcription versus Read Transcription 2.0 that shows sentiment is low when the speakers says, "We're excited to announce that our offices are opening back up for all employees!"

Introducing Transcription 2.0

Traditional transcription focuses on who said what words, but doesn’t take into account audience reactions. Using words alone can cause a reader to misinterpret a meeting.


Non-Speaker Reactions

Read takes notes and identifies the moments that drive high engagement or sentiment across meeting participants.

Impactful Statements

Based on aggregate audience reactions, Read identifies pivotal moments in the meeting and marks them as impactful. Easily jump to any Impactful Statement in the transcript to see it in context.

Read Assistant

Double booked? Read Assistant will join the video conference, create a transcript, and highlight text based on sentiment and engagement.

How people use Transcription 2.0


Improve interactions in 1:1s, standups, or company meetings by uncovering points in a conversation that drive high engagement, or low sentiment.


Build the perfect sales pitch. Understand what features matter to the client based on engagement, and then gauge reaction to pricing with sentiment.


Interviews can be fast paced with questions and answers. Transcription gives you the ability to revisit the conversation and understand what candidates value most.


Be an active participant in class and afterwards, use the transcript for notes.


Curate a more compelling lecture by discovering where students learn and check-out during class.


Revisit presentations to understand the moments where the audience reacted negatively or lost interest, and revise the content to drive better results.
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Getting Started

A single location for all transcription, regardless of the video conferencing platform used. Transcription 2.0 is integrated as a free service in Read’s Chief Meeting Officer. Available for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex.
To access transcriptions, view the "Transcript" tab in any Meeting Report. Existing Read users can enable Transcription in Settings.

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Read's Executive Assistant being used in a meeting to show meeting score, time remaining, and talk time.

Executive Assistant

Responsible for making sure your meetings start and end on time, and that the conversations are well-balanced.

Read's Meeting Navigator being used in a meeting to show real-time metrics and alerts.

Meeting Navigator

Your team member who nudges you to move onto the next topic and sends you a message that the audience looks disinterested.

Chief Meeting Officer

Read‘s Chief Meeting Officer reports into you, and comes with a team responsible for making your meetings better.

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