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Meeting Notetaker for Google Meet

Smart, collaborative meeting notes in Google Meet for free

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Read Notetaker Add-On

Elevate your note-taking with multi-player mode in Meet

Read Notetaker, an add-on for Google Meet, revolutionizes how you take notes during meetings. Organize your meeting notes, topics, action items, and key questions all in one place for easy reference and sharing. In-meeting collaboration with a shared template accessible to all participants leveraging the wisdom of crowds.

Enhanced collaboration

Read Notetaker allows all meeting attendees to actively participate in creating a comprehensive meeting report with topics, action items, and questions.

Easy to access Meeting Report

No more scrambling to compile meeting notes. Read Notetaker automatically generates a report after the meeting concludes and gives access to all collaborators.

Private notes

Don’t want to share your notes with meeting participants? No problem. Switch to 🔒 Private mode and take notes that only you can see. Switch back to public notes at any time.

Seamless integration

Read Notetaker is seamlessly integrated as a Google Meet Add-On. Notetaker notes sit side-by-side with Read's automated meeting reports.

How it works

  • Install Read Notetaker from the Google Marketplace
  • Sign up for Read
  • Open the add-on during a meeting and take notes with participants
  • Access your report at app.read.ai anytime

Read Smart Scheduler

Smart scheduling and automatic calendar updates

Using learnings from past meetings, Read provides recommendations as you schedule meetings, directly in Google Calendar. With calendar integration, Read also updates events to show the engagement score of the meeting and a link to the report.

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