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Live Direction with Meeting Navigator

Read’s in-meeting dashboard helps you steer your meetings in a better direction.

A Webex meeting emphasizing the Read Dashboard App being opened through the Apps tab.

Super-power your ability to read the room

Read Meeting Navigator enhances your ability to read the room by using technology to identify pivotal meeting moments, measuring sentiment and engagement through words and reactions, enabling you to take action during the meeting.

Real-time audience feedback

Speaker feedback is key to a great meeting, but is limited in a hybrid world. Read measures the non-verbal feedback and translates that into real-time and post-call sentiment, and engagement metrics.

Identify opportunities early in the conversation

Read Meeting Manager provides you with real-time nudges when the conversation is going well, giving you confidence that your presentation is resonating.
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Get the Read app on your favorite platforms

Read Meeting Navigator is available as either a web app (all platforms) or an embedded app in Zoom, Webex, and Teams. Choose your preferred platform below to get started with the app.

Read Navigator embedded app is available now!

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Discover your CMO Suite

Chief Meeting Officer

Read‘s Chief Meeting Officer reports into you, and comes with a team responsible for making your meetings better.

Read's Meeting Manager showing aggregated metrics. An example of meeting score, missed meetings late start, average join time, camera off, charisma, and bias are shown.

Meeting Manager

Your data analyst who reviews metrics, makes recommendation resulting in less meetings, fewer attendees, better outcomes.

Read's Executive Assistant being used in a meeting to show meeting score, time remaining, and talk time.

Executive Assistant

Responsible for making sure your meetings start and end on time, and that the conversations are well-balanced.

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