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Read Introduces AI to Convert a 60 Minute Meeting into a 2 Minute Highlight Reel

March 29, 2023

Read AI introduces Highlights, through which a 60-minute recording of a meeting is automatically converted into a 2-minute video highlight reel.  By integrating large language models with video, Read identifies the most important moments in a meeting based on not just the words, but the reaction from the participants.  

“What’s more boring than an hour-long meeting?  A recording of an hour-long meeting,” said David Shim, Co-Founder and CEO of Read AI, Inc.  “Using a multi-modal approach to understanding meetings, Read is able to transform a recording of a 60-minute meeting into a 2-minute video highlight reel, or a 30 second trailer.  It’s like watching ESPN, where instead of re-playing an entire baseball game, you get the most important moments condensed into a short clip.”  

During a preview period, agency clients experienced a 30%+ increase in productivity for employees.  Tedious tasks including pulling together notes were completed automatically, and the sharing of these notes along with manually generated video highlights eliminated the need to set up a meeting to talk about the last meeting.  Read Highlights enables users to answer the question, “how did the meeting go?,” with a single link to the Meeting Report.  

“Movie studios use test screenings to identify the moments that were  the most and least compelling to an audience and use that information to build a trailer,” said Shim.  “Read uses AI to measure reactions from meeting participants to highlight the most and least important moments in a meeting to generate Read Highlights. Words without reactions are like sitcoms without a laugh track, or books without narration.”

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This multi-modal approach is unique in that it combines text and visual analyses to create a virtual studio audience, where reactions add context to what was said in a meeting.  Highlights are available minutes after a meeting ends along with a text summary, list of topics, action items, and key questions.  

Read Highlights and Summaries:

  • Eliminates the “meeting about the meeting” and replaces it with a link
  • Replaces manual meeting notes and recaps with automated text summaries and video highlights
  • Shares learnings across an org without inviting the entire org to the meeting 
  • Makes it okay to miss a meeting and still stay in the loop

Founded in 2021, Read is focused on applying AI to make meetings more effective and efficient.  Most recently, Read was featured as an Essential App by Zoom, made available to millions of Zoom Pro Users.  

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