Better Meetings, Today.

Read Dashboard gives you a real-time read on sentiment and engagement to help you direct a better meeting on Zoom. Sign up early for free access.

Beat Meeting Fatigue

Read diagnoses probable causes of Zoom Fatigue among meeting participants, enabling you to triage in-meeting.

Get Shared Visibility

Read makes your meetings more effective and collaborative with its open dashboard.

"Read the Room"

Read provides insights on the audience beyond the physical limitation of your screen.

Read Dashboard is your Chief Meeting Officer

Screenshot of the sentiment and engagement charts measuring the meeting in real-time. Emojis are overlayed at various points on the charts.

Improve Collective Engagement

Read directs better engagement and sentiment through shared metrics in-the-moment.

Screenshot of the Active Read chart measuring a meeting in real-time. Emojis are overlaid to emphasize low and high points in the meeting.

Feedback 2.0

Read answers the question "how is the meeting going?" with real-time Active Read.

Screenshot of the Analytics Dashboard that shows several previous team meetings where metrics improve each time.

Better Meetings through Measurement

Read improves your meetings with the ability to measure meetings over time.