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Have better Webex meetings with real-time metrics, automatic meeting notes, highlights, playback, and more.

A Webex meeting emphasizing the Read Dashboard App being opened through the Apps tab.
Meeting Tools and Metrics

Read the virtual room

Read the room with automated meeting tools to help you steer your Webex meetings in a clearer direction.

Real-time metrics with Read Meeting Tools & Metrics

Use the Read app in your meetings as a meeting timer, Talk Time gauge, and to read the room with metrics like Engagement, and Sentiment — all in real-time. Plus, jot down (private) notes, and access prior recaps without leaving the call.

Become a better communicator

View talking speed and filler word usage during the meeting as a nudge to improve clarity. Then, use your personalized (and private) Speaker Coach to see how you can improve your clarity, inclusion, and impact across all meetings.

No more taking meeting notes

After the meeting, receive a detailed meeting report with a summary, topics, action items, key questions, video playback with highlights, and transcription that incorporates participant reactions.

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Getting Started with Read for Webex

Using the Read Navigator App with Webex Meetings

To access Read Navigator, you will need a free or paid Webex account and a free Read account.

The Read Navigator App may be disabled by your organization. In this case, contact your Control Hub administrator to enable the App.

Create a free Read account→

Logging in and authorizing the Read Navigator App

First-time user:
When you first access Read Navigator in the Webex App Hub, you will be asked to authorize the application. Authorization is required to use Read Navigator.

Next, you will be asked to log in to your Read account. If you haven't already created an account, sign up for free.

Returning user:
As a returning user, you may be asked to sign in to your account before launching the Read Navigator App.

Opening the Read Navigator App in Webex

If you are the meeting host:
Step 1. Click the 'Apps' button in the lower right corner of the Webex Meeting window.
Step 2. Select Read Navigator from the list of Apps.
Step 3. (Optional) Click 'Open Together' to share the app view with all other meeting participants.

If you are not the meeting host:

Step 1. Click the 'Apps' button in the lower right corner of the Webex Meeting window.
Step 2. Select Read Navigator from the list of Apps.
Note: For non-hosts, the Read Navigator App content will only be viewable if the host has selected 'Open Together'.

Data and privacy measures

Read prioritizes privacy and transparency.

Every meeting Read measures is encrypted, and Read does not provide call playback options.
Clear notification:
All meeting attendees are notified when Read Navigator joins a call, and have the option to view the dashboard as well.
Easy opt out:
The notification allows users to opt-out by typing "opt-out" in chat. When a participant chooses to opt-out, Read Navigator leaves the meeting and all data measured is deleted.

Learn more about privacy →

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