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AI is Meant to Be Shared | New Features from Read

March 23, 2023

When you are able to make meetings more efficient and effective with AI, the benefits need to be shared. Read has introduced more robust report sharing that eliminates the meeting to talk about the meeting, by delivering concise insights that can be consumed in less than 2 minutes to attendees and interested parties.

To share a Meeting Report, simply select the Share Button in any meeting report and give access to a person or group via email or through a link (registration optional). In addition, Read has introduced a hub to have on-demand access to reports shared with you.

Beyond sharing, Read has released the following new features in March:

Meeting Policy: Learn when the best and worst times are for you to meet and apply those learnings to future meetings.

Resúmenes en Español: The most requested language support from our users is Spanish, and we've listed. When Spanish is detected as the primary language in a meeting, your transcript and meeting notes will now automatically be shown in Spanish.

Cost of meetings: Ever wanted to calculate the cost of the meeting as you schedule it?  Read does that automatically with Read Smart Scheduler, a Chrome extension, which now calculates the total cost (time) of your meetings and displays it in calendar events.

If you haven't had a chance to try out Read, it's free (no credit card required) including a 14-day preview of the Read Enterprise Plan, which includes meeting recordings.

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