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Read Dashboard Launches Integration with Zoom

November 3, 2021

Read Dashboard is now available in the Zoom App Marketplace as a free service! The in-meeting integration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. brings real-time analytics on engagement, sentiment, and talk time into your next meeting. Read believes that shared metrics encourage collaboration across meeting attendees, resulting in more productive meetings.

“Read is the Chief Meeting Officer for your next Zoom meeting,” said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead for Apps at Zoom. “Read Dashboard’s in-meeting analytics on talk time, call score, sentiment, and engagement are key metrics for any call and is now integrated into the Zoom App experience.

Add Read Dashboard App for Zoom Meetings in two easy steps:

Step 1:  Create a Read Account

Step 2:  Install the Zoom App

After completing these steps, simply open the Read Dashboard App in the next meeting where you are the host or request that the host of the meeting start the Read Dashboard App. If Zoom Apps haven’t been enabled for your organization, please request your admin to enable them. In the interim, you can use Read Dashboard by adding to your next Zoom Meeting invite.

Start Read Dashboard App for Zoom

Unlock better interactions in your next Zoom Meeting with the free Read Dashboard App. Read answers the question, “how is this meeting going?”, allowing you to read the room beyond the limitations of a laptop screen. Read Dashboard is your Chief Meeting Officer, responsible for providing you with the resources to drive more productive meetings.

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