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Automatically Share Meeting Notes to Your Preferred App or Platform with Read Integrations

May 25, 2023

Read is excited to announce the ability to integrate our meeting summaries into any app or platform that supports webhooks.  We believe that meeting summaries, transcripts, and highlights are meant to be shared in order to make meetings more efficient and effective. 

Prior to introducing support for webhooks, Read enabled automatic sharing of insight through email, calendar updates, and links (enable in Read Settings).  With webhooks, you can now integrate Read into your preferred project management, CRM, workspace, wiki, database, or marketing and HR solutions, automatically. 

What is a webhook?  Webhooks provide a flexible and efficient way to integrate data into various apps and platforms. Webhooks can be used to trigger specific actions or workflows in response to certain events. For instance, if you have a project management tool, you can use webhooks to automatically create a new task or assign it to a specific team member when a certain condition is met, such as a new issue being created in an issue tracking system.

Read's webhooks include:

  • Meeting Summary
  • Chapters
  • Topics
  • Action Items
  • Key Questions

Workspaces are included in Read Pro and Enterprise Plans.  Simply visit the to setup your first integration.  If you are new to webhooks, Read has built a simple guide to creating and managing your webhooks, Creating A Custom Webhook Integration.  

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