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Read Introduces Uploads, Slack and Zapier Integrations

September 26, 2023

At Read, we're constantly trying to make your meetings more efficient, insightful, and productive. Today, we're excited to introduce three of the most requested features from our users! Whether you're looking to streamline your meeting reporting, integrate with your favorite productivity tools, or receive meeting recaps effortlessly, Read has you covered.

1. Audio and Video Upload for Meeting Reports

You can now upload audio and video recordings and generate Meeting Reports. Simply click “upload” in your Meeting Reports tab, upload your file, and let Read do the rest. This feature allows you to get comprehensive meeting recaps, including:

  • Meeting Summaries: Get a concise overview of your meeting's key points, decisions, and takeaways.
  • Chapters & Topics: View key discussion points of the meeting.
  • Action Items: Automatically generate a list of action items, ensuring accountability and follow-through.
  • Essential Questions: Identify and prioritize crucial questions discussed during your meetings.
  • Transcription: Receive a complete transcription of your meeting
  • Playback with Pivotal Highlights: With video uploads, you get access to full playback, plus a highlight reel that spotlights pivotal meeting moments.

Plus, paid users get monthly upload credits at no cost. Read Pro users receive 100 meeting minutes per month, while Read Enterprise receives 200 minutes.

A screenshot of the Slack interface, showing a meeting recap sent by the Read App.

2. Slack Integration: Meeting Recaps Right in Your Workspace

We understand the importance of seamless communication and collaboration. That's why we've integrated Read with Slack, a feature that’s now available to Pro and Enterprise subscribers. With this integration, you can automatically receive and distribute your meeting recaps directly in your Slack.

Take these steps to get started, or check out the integration guide:

With real-time recaps delivered to your Slack workspace, you and your team can stay in sync, make informed decisions, and keep the momentum going effortlessly.

A screenshot of the Zapier interface that shows Read meeting notes linked to Notion.

3. Zapier Integration: Connect Read to Your Favorite Platforms

We know that every team has its unique tech stack and workflow. To make Read even more flexible and versatile, we've introduced Zapier integration. Zapier allows you to connect Read to thousands of your favorite apps and platforms, automating your workflow and making it easier than ever to share meeting insights.

Want to send meeting recaps to your project management tool, CRM, or email marketing platform? With Zapier, it's easy. Customize your automation to suit your needs and enhance your productivity, or get started with one of our ready-made templates:

These three exciting features are designed to empower you and your team with the tools you need to have more efficient meetings, collaborate seamlessly, and streamline your workflow.

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