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Read Joins Inaugural Class of Webex Embedded Apps

October 26, 2021

Read is partnering with Webex by Cisco to deliver Read Dashboard as an embedded app available directly within Webex. Webex users will have free access to real-time in-meeting analytics to understand “how the meeting is going,” versus “how the meeting went,” creating better and more productive meeting experiences.

With Read Dashboard, Webex meeting attendees will have direct access to talk time, engagement, and sentiment metrics all in real-time. Webex hosts are able to enable Read Dashboard on Webex Embedded Apps and make the metrics available to all attendees, encouraging shared measurement in order to drive more productive and inclusive meetings.  

“Today’s hybrid work environment increases the need for streamlined experiences across multiple businesses apps,” said Anurag Dhingra, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Webex. “Now with Read Dashboard available as an Embedded App within Webex, users can now readily discover and integrate new capabilities into their meetings and collaboration experience.”

Read Dashboard on Webex Embedded Apps

Add Read Dashboard App for Webex in two easy steps:

Step 1:  Create a free Read Account

Step 2:  Add Read Dashboard for Webex in your next meeting

After completing these steps, simply open the Read Dashboard App in the next Webex Meeting where you are the host then select “Open Together.” 

Unlock better interactions in your next Webex Meeting with the free Read Dashboard on Webex Embedded Apps. Read Dashboard answers the question, “how is this meeting going?”, allowing you to read the room beyond the limitations of a laptop screen. Read Dashboard is your Chief Meeting Officer, responsible for providing you with the resources to drive more productive meetings.

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