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Read makes Transcription 2.0 free on Google Meet

July 14, 2022

With Read’s launch of Transcription 2.0, we’re excited to bring simple, free, and unlimited transcription services to Google Meet. No strings attached, or credit card required, Read is focused on expanding meeting measurement to the masses.  

What is Transcription 2.0?

Transcription 2.0 for Google Meet delivers best-in-class transcription and introduces the concept of reactions into the transcript. Reactions in transcripts measure how the audience reacts to the speaker’s words, allowing a reader to contextualize the conversation. 

In traditional transcription, a salesperson talking about all the great features in a product would be interpreted as a positive point in the conversation, when in reality, the buyers weren’t paying attention, or worse looked annoyed and frustrated. Transcription 2.0 augments transcripts to give you the words as well as the reactions to those words.  

How does it work?  

  • Create a free account at (less than 1 minute) 
  • During the account creation process (i) Connect your Google Calendar so we know what meetings to join, and (ii) Select Enable Transcription for Meetings 
  • In your next Google Meet video conference, Read will join as an attendee (Read Executive Assistant) to transcribe the call.  
  • You can customize Read Executive Assistant in Settings.  
  • After the call you access your transcripts in the Meeting Report

What other platforms do you support?

Transcription 2.0 from Read supports Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and coming soon to Webex. Rather than having to login into multiple platforms to access your meeting transcripts, Read provides you with a central hub in Read Chief Meeting Officer to access cross-platform transcripts for free.

Read Chief Meeting Officer is responsible for preventing meetings about meetings. By introducing measurement (including transcription) to every meeting, Read makes sure that every meeting on your calendar matters.

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