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Read Introduces Scheduling AI to Discover Best Time, Not First Time for a Meeting

November 16, 2023

Read AI revolutionizes meeting scheduling by moving from the first availability to the best availability. Using engagement in past meetings and calendar availability, Read recommends the best time for scheduling a meeting. A single link eliminates the back-and-forth around scheduling while using AI to set the meeting up for success.

“If Calendly and Clockwise had a child, and it was in the gifted class, that child would be named Read Smart Scheduler Links,” said David Shim, Co-Founder and CEO of Read AI. “When you schedule a meeting today, you pick the first available time that works for both of you.  This approach is medieval as it uses time as the only dimension for scheduling. Read takes a multiple dimensional approach to scheduling, where time intersects with past meeting performance to allow AI to recommend the time that will result in the best outcome.” 

How It Works - Read Smart Scheduler Links 

  • Sign up and claim your smart link at
  • Read integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to determine availability
  • Read learns from past meetings to identify traits that correlate with higher engagement like Time of Day, Length of Meeting, Consecutive Meetings, and # of Participants.  
  • User shares their personalized link to an invitee
  • Invitee clicks the link, which displays user availability and provides a visual indicator of the best time to schedule the meeting  

“This is generative AI applied to meeting scheduling, CalendarGPT,” said David Shim. “Meeting scheduling today is as non-scientific as it comes, when are we both available at the earliest time? This time ultimately ends up being the worst as it’s that 30-minute slot sandwiched between 4 hours of meetings. Read Smart Scheduler Links and take into account your past meetings to propose the best time for all meeting invitees. The more people use Read in their meetings, the smarter the recommendation.”

Value Proposition - Read Smart Scheduler Links

  • Read Smart Scheduler Links is a 100% free service to anyone with a free or paid account at 
  • Read is designed to work within your existing workflows (Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar) with a Chrome extension to make it even easier to use.  
  • Read recommends the best times by learning from past meetings you’ve invited Read to join.  When you add Read to a meeting, you automatically receive a meeting summary, highlights, action items, key questions, coaching, transcription, and video playback.  

In the last 42 weeks, Read has seen at least a 10% increase in week-over-week meetings measured.  During that time, Read Meeting Tools and Metrics was one of the most popular apps in Zoom Apps and more recently one of six apps to launch as a Google Meet Add-On.  

“Read has been the system of record for meetings, and with the launch of Smart Scheduler Links, Read is set to become the system of record for productivity AI,” said David Shim. 

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