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Revolutionize Your Speaking Skills with Read AI’s Speaker Coach

April 26, 2023

Do you want to become a captivating speaker but struggle to find the time to practice? Look no further! Introducing Read's AI-powered solution, Speaker Coach, will transform you into a master orator effortlessly.

Say goodbye to the days of seeking feedback from managers and colleagues, and say hello to a personalized, private, and unbiased speaking coach right at your fingertips. Read’s Speaker Coach utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to analyze your existing meetings and generate invaluable insights to help you shine in your next presentation.

Imagine having your own virtual speaking guru, tailored to your unique style and meeting dynamics. Speaker Coach will dissect your performance, pinpointing instances where you spoke too quickly, interrupted others, or relied too heavily on filler words. But it doesn't stop there. With real-time video playback, you'll witness these moments firsthand, empowering you to identify areas for improvement using your own words.

Today marks the beginning of a new era in effective communication. When Read generates your comprehensive meeting report, you'll discover a tab labeled "Coaching" brimming with personalized insights. 

  • Clarity metrics such as your talking pace (words per minute) and filler word usage (like "so" or "umm") will be revealed, enabling you to refine your delivery.
  • Inclusive language is essential, and Speaker Coach will flag any non-inclusive terms you might have unintentionally used, as well as interruptions you made.
  • Speaker Coach goes beyond personal analysis to evaluate the impact you had on others. Did your words exhibit bias? How did your charisma affect the audience? And what questions did you ask to foster engagement? By harnessing these factors, Read empowers you to leave an indelible impression on your listeners.
Read - Coaching Trends

Coaching doesn't stop at individual meetings. Read's Chief Meeting Officer aggregates insights from multiple sessions, unveiling trends and opportunities for you to continuously enhance your speaking prowess. Our suite of solutions aims to revolutionize meetings, making them more effective and efficient for both free and paid users.

Unlock the power of Read AI’s Speaker Coach today by simply scheduling your next meeting using Read by updating your invite settings. If you haven’t already created an account, now is a great time to experience more effective and efficient meetings.  

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