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Read AI Introduces For You Page for Meetings

July 31, 2023

Read introduces a For You page for meetings, enabling automatic topic discovery across your meetings.  By incorporating your verbal and visual cues, Read can accurately identify the content that matters most to you, and provide an automatic summarization of those topics on your For You page.  

“Read AI is your meeting biographer,” said David Shim, Co-Founder and CEO of Read. “The For You page is a biographer that sits in all of your calls, even the ones that you miss, and then summarizes the topics that are most relevant to you. When you are ready to review your week, you are presented with a personalized content feed, tailored to your engagement, and organized by topic.”  

“Topics across meetings have a natural progression, a beginning, middle, and end,” said Luke Woloszyn, Senior Data Scientist at Read. “By combining clustering methods with large language models (LLMs), Read  discovers and identifies topics wherever they occur, scores them against prior engagement, and summarizes their progression over time on the  For You page. For You curates the topics that make up the largest share of your time and engagement.”

Existing Read Pro and Enterprise users automatically have access to Read AI's For You Page:

Read’s For You page introduces the following features to all users:

  • Topics:  40% of meeting participants are disengaged as the topics aren’t relevant to them. Read uses AI to assign engagement scores to content to customize topics based on your interests.
  • Summary:  Using generative AI, Read creates a customized summary of your past 14 days and isolates key topics based on your engagement.  
  • Clips:  With each topic, Read generates video clips to recap the moments that most closely align with the content, helping jog your memory with visual context. 
  • Action Items and Key Questions:  A real-time news feed of action items and key questions across meetings.  

With the average meeting generating over 13 pages of transcription, solutions like ChatGPT, are token-constrained, limiting context across time. Read AI’s approach to summarization across meetings is token-agnostic, allowing contextualization across a series of meetings.  

“Read AI’s For You Page is a conscientious decision that chat isn’t the future of AI, rather it’s personalized discovery.  “The last thing I want to do is chat with my meetings.  In the same way that Ask Jeeves didn’t work for search, questions aren’t the future of AI,” said David Shim.

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