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Read for Education

Features for Education

Modern tools for virtual classrooms

Read is your virtual teacher’s assistant, measuring classroom engagement, sentiment, and attendance in real-time, all while taking notes to review post-class. Using Read as a classroom management tool helps you accomplish more in every lecture.
Real-Time Engagement
With 40% of students disengaged in the classroom, Read’s Meeting Navigator provide a real-time view of engagement by student.
Classroom Notes
After the class, Read identifies the moments where the lecture hit and missed based on classroom reactions allowing you to learn and adjust future lesson plans.
Improve the virtual learning experience.
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Focus on the lecture, rather than attendance (up to 50% of participants arrive late) with Read’s attendance report, highlighting when they joined and the level of participation.
Receive unbiased recommendations at the class and participant level from Read on opportunities to make the classroom a more effective space for learning.
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