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Read for Presenting & Coaching

Features for Presenting

Transform good presentations to great with analytics and AI

You don’t need to spend 10,000 hours to be an expert speaker. Read augments your ability to present by providing you with real-time metrics and alerts to enable you to drive more engaging interactions.
Playback key moments
Read Meeting Playback is more than just a recording of your presentation, it also highlights moments of high and low audience engagement. By playing back these moments, it gives you an opportunity to reflect and learn for future presentations.
Turn-by-turn directions for meetings
Read Meeting Navigator provides real-time metrics and alerts to improve your presentations. It offers a more comprehensive view of all participants' engagement, not just those on the screen.
Recommendations and tips
Based on the metrics, Read provides you with a list of recommendations on what could have been changed to improve engagement throughout the session.
Inclusive and balanced conversations
In the meeting, see each participants’ talk-time so you know who has participated and who is being left out.
You can’t improve what you don’t measure
Read is your presentation coach that takes notes during meetings and provides detailed post-meeting reports. It helps you track progress and become a better presenter by establishing benchmarks and measuring your presentations.
Transcriptions with reactions
Read Transcriptions shows not just the words spoken, but also listener reactions. It helps you understand which content engages or demotivates your audience, allowing you to use each meeting as an opportunity to improve on the next.
Scheduling as a competitive advantage
On average, meetings that are 30 minutes or less have a 35% higher engagement score than longer meetings. Read Smart Scheduler automatically identifies your best times to meet and incorporates them into your calendar as you schedule future meetings.
Deliver better, more engaging presentations.
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