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Read for Recruiting

Features for Recruiting

Increase hiring rates across candidates

After your calls, revisit the interactions that drove the most positive engagement and sentiment from your client, and receive recommendations on potential improvements. With 21% of meetings resulting in a poor score, identify moments and trends to improve the quality of your conversations.
With, on average, 700 interactions to fill actively open positions, Recruiters use Read to scale the interview process. Read focuses on generating notes during the meeting for review post-call, leaving the Recruiter focused on the candidate.
Shorten interview prep
Share the Read Meeting Report to streamline the review process for interviewers. With a snapshot of prior conversations, the next interviewer can make sure to focus on the right topics.
Use the Workspace overview to identify topics, interviewers, meeting length that help convert candidates. Automate this process with Read Recommendations and Smart Scheduler.
Measure what matters most
Read measures the moments and topics that increased engagement, or decreased sentiment for the candidate. Using this information, Recruiters are able to drive conversations on the issues that matter the most to the prospect.
Improve candidate experience
Recruiters can’t sit in on every interview, but are responsible for the experience. Read provides an instant post-interview report in your Dashboard and via email that gives insights on how the candidate and the interviewers are doing.
Streamline and scale your hiring process with Read.
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