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Read for Sales and Client Services

Features for Sales

Better meetings equals increased sales and customer retention

Sales can be tough, but Read makes it easier by connecting your conversations with your goals. With Read's real-time and post-meeting reports, you can set yourself up for success and win more deals in your initial meetings.
Before the meeting
You’ve worked hard to get the first meeting, schedule it on the best time, not first available time. Read Smart Scheduler finds the best times for your meetings based on your past performance.
After the meeting
With Read’s post-meeting reports, you’ll get a comprehensive recap of the meeting. The report provides a summary, insights on key participants, positive and negative points in the conversation. Plus, you’ll receive a full transcript with key moments highlighted for easy reference.
In a hybrid environment, the ability to gain visibility into all deals, team performance, and client conversations is nearly impossible. Read automates this process giving you a single location to gauge the quality of your team’s interactions.
During the meeting
With 1 in 4 meeting participants disengaged by the end of the call, use Read Meeting Navigator for a real-time temperature of the room, regardless of if there are 4 or 40 people in the room.
After your calls, revisit the interactions that drove the most positive engagement and sentiment from your client, and receive recommendations on potential improvements. With 21% of meetings resulting in a poor score, identify moments and trends to improve the quality of your conversations.
Win the deal, improve retention, repeat.
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