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Read for Engineering Managers

Features for Engineering

Increase engineer productivity while reducing burnout

Software Engineers on average spend only 52 minutes a day coding! The rest is spent in non-coding activities including meetings. With a direct correlation between time spent in meetings and time spent coding, Read on average identifies 23 hours a month that could shift from meeting to coding.
Increase productivity with fewer meetings
By identifying opportunities for fewer and more effective meetings with Read Recommendations, managers can enable their teams to spend more than 13% of the day doing core work.
Automate the prevention of interruptions
Read Smart Scheduler automates scheduling meetings for the best time, enabling the team to immediately benefit from reduced interruptions as their calendars are optimized intelligently for peak performance.
Maximize your team’s engineering hours.
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Better standups
Read provides real-time feedback during the meeting to ensure standups are on track and when a topic needs to be tabled for an offline discussion. This keeps the team engaged, the standups short, and eliminates getting into the weeds.
Manage remotely
Simplify managing a distributed team in a hybrid world with Read Workspaces. Build a team in Workspaces to benchmark time spent and quality of meetings, use metrics to establish team policies, and get a real-time pulse of meeting efficiency.
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